Brazil’s Watermelon Woman

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booty dancerBrazil, a famous country for hot ladies, big booties and nice ass from the girls. Guys tend to be seduce by hot women, when a guy says ‘hot’ it means extremely hot, having big tits and a petite body with a water melon size ass that would be nice to bump. Though guys have also a preferred looks for a guy but most of us like that kind of body, other guys like the voluptuous type of a girls body.  Brazil has one of the beautiful ladies all over the world, most are tan in color. In Brazil, there is a famous lady that is well known in the name or called “Watermelon Woman”, she is Andressa Soares, born Febuary 28,1989, she is a singer, model and dancer, one of the famous dancer in Brazil as being  a member of ‘Love You’, since then she became famous and became playboy cover for three times. She also maintain high Television rating. She was called “Watermelon Woman” because of her big ass which gets the attention of guys specially in her music videos.

Famous Booty Dancing of MC Creu

MC Creu is a famous DJ in Brazil, because of it hit ” Love you ” that became too popular all over Brazil. Where in the girls are shaking their booty while dancing, big booties that shake with the beat of the sound. Where  Andressa Soares became well known also and called the watermelon woman. Having her big round ass that shakes like a watermelon size booty.

Signature Booty Dance

Andressa Soares is the name when booty dancing is the topic, she really deserve to be the best or number one booty dancer in all time. She can move her ass like pumping something, you can pretend that she is good in riding. Guys gets mouth watering event when Andressa Soares shakes her booty. Thinking of something that guys would love to have or do for them.

3-time Playboy Cover Girl

After Andressa Soares take its way to the top of fame, she caught the attention of playboy and they made her the cover for their magazine not only ones but three times       Brazilian Women Have the Biggest Asses

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